El-Zahra Islamic Center

"The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind" Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)




  • Summer Camp Fun
  • Water Baloon Toss with Friends
  • A Sample of Our Community
  • After Eid Prayers - Food and Fun
  • Our Beautiful Center
  • Family Dinners and Iftars
  • Praying Together
  • Reciting Eid Takbirs as One
  • Beautiful Programs with Beautiful People
  • Gathering for the Sake of God
  • Seminars and Interfaith
  • Multicultural and Intercommunity Events
  • Sunday School - Our Children, Our Future
  • A Place for Friendship
  • Growing as One Family
  • Praying for the World
  • Ramadan Itikafs for All
  • Programs for Youth
  • Remembering Allah
  • bootstrap carousel
  • Seeking Knowledge Together
Summer Camp Fun1 Water Baloon Toss with Friends2 A Sample of Our Community3 After Eid Prayers - Food and Fun4 Our Beautiful Center5 Family Dinners and Iftars6 Praying Together7 Reciting Eid Takbirs as One8 Beautiful Programs with Beautiful People9 Gathering for the Sake of God10 Seminars and Interfaith11 Multicultural and Intercommunity Events12 Sunday School - Our Children, Our Future13 A Place for Friendship14 Growing as One Family15 Praying for the World16 Ramadan Itikafs for All17 Programs for Youth18 Remembering Allah19 Our Beautiful Prayer Area 20 Seeking Knowledge Together21
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Welcome to the Elzahra Education Foundation Website. Here you will find information regarding all of our services and activities, including the latest information on our Hidaya Saturday School, and any functions at our Elzahra Islamic Center (EIC) in Midland Park, NJ.
 The Elzahra Islamic Center (EIC) is located at 218 Irving Street, Midland Park, NJ. The Mosque is open for the 5 daily prayers and Salatul Jummah (the Friday Prayer). We encourage you to visit our center and explore our services. Programs are offered in English to accommodate brothers and sisters of all backgrounds, and people of all levels of faith and interest are welcome. May Allah guide our hearts towards Him and allow us to journey together.



The Elzahra Islamic Center (EIC) 

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