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Summer Camp Assignment Links!

Summer Camp Assignment Links

Here you will find helpful links to facilitate learning for your child at home! 

1. Surah Al-Baqarah (Last 3 Verses – PDF File) 

– We are learning the last 3 verses Surah Al-Baqarah because of their beautiful and powerful meaning, the fact that nearly all students have not engaged with those verses, and because they are recited frequently, and their importance is mentioned in hadith. Please review the verses with your child as we concentrate not only on the memorization, but understanding the meaning. Our hope is that our children understand the meaning of the comprehensive duas described in these verses.

2. Video Links to the Last 3 Verses from Youtube

Link 1 (Abdul Basit – Medium Speed & Very Clear – Arabic Text Only)

Link 2 (Ziyad Patel – Medium Speed – Translation Text Only)

Link 3 (Medium Speed – Arabic Text Only)

Link 4 (Mishary Al-Afasi – Slow Speed – English Transliteration Text Only)

Link 5 (Saad Al-Qureshi – Medium Speed – Arabic Text and English Translation)

3. Complete Salah Athkar (PDF File)

-Salah is a very important pillar of our Faith. Unfortunately Sunnah is considered “extra credit” and the Athkar after prayers are often neglected by the young and the old, even at the Masjid. Some simply have never learned the athkar and duas recited before and after prayer. We believe every child should begin to learn how to enjoy a complete prayer experience to one day offer a complete prayer service in his or her home, beyond just praying the Fard. An often neglected practice, we hope to provide opportunities to learn not only what to recite, but what the phrases mean, which are portions of Qurans and parts that have been mentioned in Hadith as well. Please feel free to use our template to create this experience for your child at home and for your own benefit. Remember, “A family that prays together, stays together”.

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