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"The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind" Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


El-Zahra Education Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit religious educational organization serving the Muslim community of the Metropolitan Area for over twenty years.
Please donate so that El-Zahra Education Foundation Inc. can further expand its services to the community. Just this year we purchased an Islamic Center in Midland Park NJ for 2.475 Million dollars and we are in great need of your support at this time. Our first Ramadan was a great success with iftars serving over 150 people with brothers and sisters of all ages and backgrounds. We will continue to provide services for all to help us grow as one ummah and as one family. However, we need your financial support now to pay the loans and to build on the quality of our facility if we are to meet the needs of our our growing community. This is an investment for your brothers and sisters, your children, and the coming generations.
May Allah (SWT) guide, bless, and protect you and your families always and help you to be continuously generous.
JazakAllahu Khairan!
Please send your check to:
PO BOX 2097
Your Donation is tax deductible.
Our Tax ID# 22-3516796
If you wish to donate by credit card, please fill out and mail the pledge form.
or donate online for El-Zahra Education Foundation INC.
For questions or concerns, please email: elzahra_info@elzahra.org
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